Liverpool prepare to face Italian opposition at Anfield on Tuesday night as they head Inter The Unknown. If you’re not up on your Disney movies that terrible pun won’t make sense but this is what happens when I haven’t blogged in an age, I come at you with a poor attempt at a joke.

On a serious note though, the Reds are definitely heading into the unknown as they continue their quest to become the first-ever Premier League team to win the quadruple. Nobody else has ever done it, the only team to have ever really won a “true” quadruple (i.e. the country’s four main trophies in one season) was Celtic and that was in 1967!

There’s a reason no one’s ever done it in the Premier League before though, because it takes a mammoth effort, a fixture run which is relatively friendly in terms of opposition but also in terms of timescales and a marina trench of players ready and able to be switched in and out, yet operate at 100%.

No one wants to talk about it (except Trent…) but EVERYONE is thinking about it. So in early March, what are the chances of Jurgen Klopp’s side pulling off an absolute miracle?

League Cup

FA Cup

Liverpool secured their place in the quarter-finals after beating Norwich at Anfield on the 2nd March. The Reds will face either Huddersfield or Nottingham Forest on the 20th March and the match will be played away from home. Liverpool have come unstuck in the FA Cup under Klopp on several occasions and while the Premier League and Champions League will obviously take priority, the kinder draw compared to what could have been a clash with Chelsea or Man City leaves Liverpool will a real opportunity to progress to the semi-finals.

Huddersfield or Nottingham Forest will be well up for the glamour tie and will make things difficult for Klopp’s team but you have to feel the Reds would have enough to progress.

Premier League

A surprise result when Spurs got the better of City in mid-February made me go and fish out my rose-tinted glasses again. I’ve forever been more of the optimistic fan, but even I had all but given up hope after we drew with Chelsea at the start of the year.

I always knew the Reds wouldn’t give up without a fight but I didn’t expect things to concertina back up quite so quickly. It gives me chills to say it but ultimately, the Premier League title is in Liverpool’s hands, win every game and it’s ours, simple right?

If only.

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Combined with the FA Cup fixtures and the Champions League ties which we’ll come on to, Liverpool have a crammed fixture list including games in hand that are being forced in mid-week left, right and centre. Of course, if you want to be the greatest, these are the elements you have to deal with and just lately in the league the Reds have proved how strong they are, making full use of the depth of their squad.

1-0 victories over the likes of West Ham and Burnley may not seem like much to write home about but it’s these wins that show the signs of a title-winning side. To win when it’s tough, when it doesn’t all quite fall into place, these are the character traits required if you’re going to get anywhere near a quadruple.

If Liverpool can get through to the City game in early April having not dropped a single point, I feel the impossible may happen.

Champions League

Last, but definitely not least, the Champions League. I bloody love this competition. The Reds are 2-0 up against Inter after a great game at the San Siro but the Italians are going strong in Serie A and will fancy their chances of an upset at Anfield.

Despite some conversations on Twitter this afternoon, I don’t personally feel this is a game to make six changes, a 2-0 lead in Europe can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. I’d start strong and if we find an early goal consider pulling some of the more senior lads off then but not until things are a bit more secure.

I don’t want to jinx things but I would expect Liverpool to go through on Tuesday evening with the draw for the quarter-finals planned for 18th March.

There are some huge teams left in the competition but I’ve said it every year and will continue to do so, Liverpool can have ANY team over two legs in Europe. I truly believe that. Whoever you put in front of us will struggle against an immense front line, a solid defence and one of the best midfields we’ve had in years. Under the floodlights at Anfield it would be a massive task for any side to put the brakes on the Reds quadruple dreams.

Final Word

All of the above being said, I sometimes fall foul of being too much of a “glass half full” fan, I like living in the dream world. In reality, a quadruple attempt can’t possibly be summed up in a few paragraphs on a blog but the fact is the opportunity’s there, and isn’t it fun talking about it?

The Reds are coming up the hill.