I think Sunday may have been one of the best days of my life. For years and years I’ve had to sit in the same pub in town taking stick from United fans and often others but not anymore. Liverpool completely and utterly embarrassed United on their own turf and they will never, ever live this down.

Prior to kick off it always surprises me that a large section of the fan base are scared to goad United in the run up to the big match, perhaps I’m the weird one, maybe I like living on the edge? But I’m sorry, if you can’t get confident and take the mick in these times against United, when the hell can you?!

To be fair though, I felt we could get something out of the match at Old Trafford prior to kick off, but I could never have predicted the result, even more so after seeing a somewhat unexpected line up.

Join me as I pick out four talking points from Sunday’s clash… There were way more than four, but I’ve cut it down haha.

1) Squad Depth / Unexpected Line Up

There was no inclination prior to kick off that Liverpool would be without Fabinho. In the run up to the game, despite being as positive as ever, I had convinced myself that we needed Fabinho to keep tabs on Fernandes to have any realistic chance in this game. When I saw he was missing from the line up my heart skipped a beat.

In defence, Matip was on the bench and Konate was starting. I wasn’t as shaken by this change as from the little I have seen of him, Ibou has been solid but it was still a massive match to be thrown into.

Finally, Klopp had favoured Jota up front over Mane. I bloody love Mane, he’s one of my favourite players but I was actually quite happy having Jota’s fresh legs – he can cause havoc and I knew he would create a handful for a struggling United defence.

What Liverpool did on Sunday showed the true depth we have in the squad. I would be lying if I said I’m his biggest fan but Keita popped up with that cracking goal after just 5 minutes and suddenly it felt like it was going to be our day.

Konate was brilliant in defence alongside Virgil and Jota justified his selection scoring after 13 minutes and also assisting mo. Milner was doing a great job until he had to go off also. The Reds have proven even without our strongest XI, we are formidable opposition.

2) Mo Salah hat trick

I mean, what can you say really? Pay the man. Pay the man whatever he wants.

He is absolutely phenomenal, he’s in the form of his life and he’s just become the first player in Premier League history to score a hat trick against United at Old Trafford. The Theatre of Dreams indeed.

Scoring in a 10th consecutive game for Liverpool, Salah meant business. His first effort was set up by Keita but the Egyptian fought through the box to make sure he was on the end of that pass, a lovely finish. His second came just before half time to make it 4-0, Salah was on his own in the box and easily beat De Gea. His final was classic Salah, running through onto the keeper and a tidy dink to the left past De Gea again. It must be noted the ball from Hendo was amazing.

Salah becomes the first to score in 3 in a row away to United and he also assisted Keita in the process.

3) Ronaldo riled

Ronaldo coming back to United was supposed to be the greatest return in football, instead he’s lost his rag against 20 year old Curtis Jones who’s on the floor at the time and fails to make any sort of impact on the game. Hilarious.

Virgil coming over and chesting him out the way with Konate in tow like “you ain’t the big man round here anymore mate, there’s a new king in town and his name’s Mo Salah”? Even more hilarious.

Then he thinks he’s scored at 5-0 to make it 5-1 and he’s offside, left to walk away with nothing. Absolutely priceless. I cannot stand the bloke and I am elated he did sack all.

4) Fergie and Dalglish

Last, but certainly not least. What an utter treat it was to watch the camera zoom in on Fergie completely bereft of any hope for his beloved United side then watch it cut to a beaming King Kenny laughing his head off in delight, mesmerised by his beloved Reds.

Awesome television.

I will revel in this for a long, long time to come. Up the Reds!

Image via Sport Bible
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